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Controlling and operating facilities at peak efficiency is a complex job. From maintaining optimal comfort while maximizing energy savings to creating safe and well-lit spaces, there are a number of issues that must be addressed to keep your employees and customers happy.

For more than 40 years, Control Service Company has put the latest technology and resources to work to help businesses operate more than 1,500 buildings effectively. We do so by pairing top-of-the-line building automation systems with exceptional service to successfully meet your facility management objectives. Now’s the time to get comfortable with a controls partner you can trust.

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Control Service Company currently serves the building automation needs for more than 400 clients throughout eastern Kansas and western Missouri.


From stadiums, laboratories and hospitals to schools, offices and museums, each environment presents a unique set of controls challenges. That’s why we customize the design and installation of the building automation systems needed to keep each facility functioning optimally.

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By combining our experience and engineering expertise, we create automated, energy-efficient sequences of operation that minimize the strain on a facility’s resources. Ultimately, customers see a rapid return on investment and significant cost-savings over time.

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Our commitment to innovation ensures customers benefit from the most advanced, user-friendly HVAC, lighting and security systems deployed in the market. This is underscored by trusted relationships with companies like Automated Logic, Crestron and Software House.

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At Control Service Company, delivering cost-effective, efficient building controls and automation systems tailored for any environment is what we do. Find out how you can benefit from incorporating our products and services into your next project.

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