As the future of smart buildings has evolved, so has the integration of solutions in modern building automation. In fact, the rising desire of businesses to integrate security-critical services that were previously isolated in subsystems into a comprehensive plan for monitoring and maintaining a safe, stable environment has led to the establishment of our security division at Control Service Company.

By incorporating security functions — including video, access, intrusion, fire and other systems —into a network of critical environment, lighting and other building automation systems, businesses can eliminate redundancies while increasing convenience and cost-efficiencies. Ultimately, this translates into streamlined facilities management and enhanced energy savings, optimal for participating in the green building movement.

Our team of experts works with clients to create comprehensive security plans that protect buildings, occupants, data and equipment. We offer premier solutions from some of the most recognizable names in security, video surveillance and access controls to bring these plans to life in any environment.

Contact us today for access to the following product lines or for assistance with additional solutions not listed.

Access Controls

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