At Control Service Company, our central focus is to provide the best building automation solutions for customers throughout the Kansas City area, and we’ve developed specific energy strategies around our core competencies. The energy management solutions we provide are built from a unique product suite and customer-centric services, including:

  • Automated Logic building automation products
  • Crestron lighting solutions
  • Premier solutions from some of the most recognizable names in security, video surveillance and access controls
  • Expertly designed and built networking infrastructure
  • Professional training, both on site and in our office
  • Customized service and support plans

Our commitment to innovation ensures our customers benefit from having the most advanced, user-friendly systems deployed in the market. By combining engineering expertise with programming capabilities, we create energy-efficient sequences of operation tailored to each customer’s specific facility needs that are flexible and accessible for users of various backgrounds. Once the systems are developed and programmed, our design team produces building floor plan and equipment graphics that simplify the sophistication of programming into digestible yet information-packed screen segments. All of this engineering and support is then tested for functionality in the office prior to being rolled out to the field, where our project engineers implement the solution and ensure the electrical and mechanical systems function flawlessly as one complete building system.

To maximize the value of this powerful innovation, the software interface we utilize includes many different feature sets to assist end users in analyzing their systems. With customizable information at their fingertips, users can immediately access the data needed to make timely decisions about their facilities, ultimately adding hours back into their days to focus on other critical responsibilities. Yet our relationship with customers doesn’t end there; we continue to be available to make system and control tweaks as needed, even as customers’ needs evolve over time. We also make sure users can easily extract relevant information that supports the need for and initial investment required in purchasing an energy management system, as well as data that details its positive impact on the bottom line.

For details on how we can assist your organization in achieving its energy management goals, learn more about our core Services.

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