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For many healthcare-related businesses, it can be difficult to find trusted vendors cognizant of the importance of meeting patient needs and maintaining their comfort. It can be even more challenging to rely on sole-source procurement from one of these vendors while ensuring competitive pricing remains without sacrificing quality or service. For Shawnee Mission Health, those are concerns that have never had to be addressed. Control Service Company has proven to be a cost-conscious, efficient vendor dedicated to customer service throughout the history of a relationship that dates back more than a decade. Today, the two continue working together as the hospital adds space, opens new facilities and takes advantage of an expanding feature set available through Automated Logic.


Shawnee Mission Health initially selected CSC to implement a better solution to retrofit its old HVAC system. Hoping to increase productivity and efficiencies while decreasing energy usage, the center presented its challenges to CSC and the company’s engineers went to work solving problems and proceeding with a supervised install. The hospital was impressed with CSC’s commitment to understanding the center’s needs, finding workable solutions to meet them and maintaining competitive pricing over time as the relationship grew. As the benefits of working with CSC and using the Automated Logic product increased, the center chose to install the product in all new projects while retrofitting the highest revenue-producing areas first, including the surgery unit, the ICU and other spaces where consistency is critical.


Over time, CSC has converted all air handlers and updated all boiler rooms throughout the Shawnee Mission Medical Center. The hospital has been able to more aggressively monitor incoming electrical feed for peak demand and now has the ability to shed load in all new construction projects that have been completed. The center has been able to adjust its temperature controls, backing off on HVAC usage without sacrificing patient and employee comfort. CSC’s work has even expanding into lighting solutions, including signage, parking garages and outdoor outlets for holiday lighting, which can be monitored seamlessly. As the hospital continually looks for ways to maintain funding based on energy management initiatives, Automated Logic’s convenience and ease of use combined with CSC’s demonstrated commitment to service are constantly cited as reasons to sustain its sole source contract with CSC for years and projects to come.

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Customer Since 2005


Shawnee Mission Health



“Our relationship with CSC has been extremely beneficial for Shawnee Mission Medical Center. From what I hear from my peers, it’s a continual struggle with other control companies. With CSC, we don’t have issues.  We have a consistent cost basis and they always show up when we call. There’s no other control company I would recommend.”

Bruce Murphy, Administrative Director of Facilities and Construction

“CSC offers tremendous customer training support. They aren’t trying to hide anything or worried about proprietary information. They sincerely want customers to learn about the [Automated Logic] product to expand their knowledge and encourage users to find other ways to maximize its value.”

Dave Mattson, Energy Management Coordinator

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