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For many businesses, the evolution of mechanical systems and digital controls continues to make operating and managing one facility challenging. Yet for Lee’s Summit School District, standardizing systems and controls meant tackling more than two dozen facilities, including implementation in new builds and retrofitting existing spaces. With such a big task at hand, the district sent out an RFP to evaluate its options, hoping to determine how to move forward in the most cost-effective, efficient way. Control Service Company presented a proposal unmatched in both pricing and service to the school board for the district’s first bond project, and the relationship has only continued to blossom since.


With a desire to marry student and faculty comfort with significant energy savings for the district, CSC’s project team worked very closely with the school district to obtain a $2.5 million MDNR loan for securing the energy project. Using the Automated Logic product, CSC provided the facility management team with a way to implement controls and feedback loops to schedule equipment more effectively. Tired of performing reactive maintenance and struggling to extract data from their previous buildings automation system, users could now anticipate problems and address them before faculty and staff were impacted. Key initiatives included monitoring carbon dioxide levels for a more consistent fresh air flow and adjusting fan speeds to produce conditioned air more efficiently.


After successfully completing the first project, the district commissioned CSC to implement systems in more than 30 facilities, including a $3.2 million project to retrofit 19 buildings (eight of which were completed in the summer of 2013 alone). CSC provided a breakdown of all labor hours and materials on a confidential basis to ensure the financial side of the contracts were managed just as seamlessly as the projects themselves. Due to the systems’ user-intuitive nature, individual school building principals can now access a level of control to more efficiently monitor their facility and mitigate personnel issues. In addition to the projected $288,000 annual energy savings benefit, annual operational savings of $20,000 and improved personal comfort, the district can access a unique platform developed exclusively by CSC for potential integration into its K-12 curriculum: NviroED. This online dashboard engages students, helping them understand how their actions can impact energy savings and ultimately lower district energy costs even further.

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Lee’s Summit School District


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“We selected CSC for two primary reasons: We liked the Automated Logic product, and CSC came across as a company that really cared about its customers. Their customer service has consistently been a top priority, which has been the most refreshing part of this process. Even with several other vendors and companies involved, CSC has always remained at the center of the problem-solving effort.”

Kyle Gorrell, Director of Facilities

“Service after the sale is what truly makes CSC stand out from their competitors. By working with them, we’re given the freedom to be as autonomous as we want to be in house, yet we have the confidence and comfort of knowing they’re always there if we need them.”

Bruce Gibson, HVAC Controls Supervisor

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