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Automation, efficiency and improved productivity are at the heart of business decisions for just about every company. Yet for companies whose successes are built around research and development, these objectives are even more critical. When Ceva found itself struggling to achieve temperature control and consistency with little support from its controls provider, key decision makers knew it was time to look elsewhere for a cost-effective and reliable solution. With a combination of work retrofitting live spaces and designing systems for buildings yet to be built, it was determined that Control Service Company had the right combination of products and services the veterinary biological provider would need to achieve a variety of short- and long-term goals.


After Ceva’s existing control system provider failed to clarify cost discrepancies between its bid and CSC’s, Ceva’s facility manager, Mark Potts, determined the right thing for Ceva’s bottom line was to proceed with CSC’s implementation of the Automated Logic product in one live building and one new building soon to be built. CSC’s engineers understood that Ceva was concerned with uncontrolled temperature variations that were driving up costs. Therefore, the team spent time developing a smarter system that would produce better results for a fraction of existing HVAC-related expenses. Additionally, Ceva wanted the system to more successfully manage associate comfort for its employees without having to sacrifice the efficiencies of its laboratory areas.


The initial project kicked off in June 2012, with a one-year timeframe for completion. CSC implemented the new Automated Logic system to rave reviews due to its ease of use and minimal set-up time after installation. Previously, required offsite training offered at a premium price was the only recourse for learning how to modify systems and sequences. Now, CSC trains Ceva’s facilities team in a fraction of the time without any offsite travel or additional expense. With on-demand reporting immediately accessible and help just a phone call away, any issues that arise are both few and far between, and generally are resolved before associates know they even exist. As the relationship between Ceva and CSC continues to grow, HVAC and process controls continue to be implemented in a growing number of facilities across the Ceva campus. Ultimately, users can minimize temperature variations to less than half of one degree, resulting in decreased energy costs.

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“I know I’m not Control Service Company’s biggest customer, but they always treat me like I am their number one customer. Because Stan was a facilities manager, he understands my challenges and speaks my language. CSC has provided outstanding customer service and technology that eliminates my headaches while improving efficiency and Ceva’s bottom line.”

Mark Potts, Director of Facilities

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