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Even for a company committed to innovation and process efficiency, the vital task of keeping people well is at the heart of the Cerner mission and brand. In order to stay true to this overarching goal, the company recognizes that it starts with optimizing comfort for employees driving the organization forward. With facilities across the Kansas City metro, Cerner has worked with various controls providers and experienced various outcomes. That’s why when it came time to plan for systems in a facility that hadn’t yet been built, the facilities managers and engineers knew who to call. By combining Automated Logic-based controls with Synergy lighting solutions, Control Service Company could implement reliable systems to establish an optimal environment for keeping Cerner on the cutting edge.


With more than 1 million square feet of prior usage in data centers and employee campus buildings alike, Cerner was committed to the Automated Logic product based on its ability to create consistency and adhere to company priorities. Beyond that, CSC brought to the table a general understanding of how Cerner functions and an ability to meet given objectives efficiently and cost-effectively. CSC’s principals began working closely with other contractors on the project to develop standard sequences that would ensure stability of all systems and reliability in the results they would produce. The CSC team then served as a professional liaison for helping the engineer of record on the project understand these sequences and assume complete control moving forward.


Having previously worked on a Cerner conversion, the CSC team came prepared with a flexible approach to adjusting plans and designs as the build progressed. With time built in for owner-adjusted modifications, the build was completed on schedule, allowing Cerner to take over the facility in the spring of 2013. Operators and programmers created one central system to filter in all critical controls — including complete mechanical and electrical systems — that could function seamlessly in a unique work environment while maintaining optimal comfort for occupants. Most importantly, the new highly customized, associate-focused building would provide Cerner with another way to take care of its most valuable asset: its employees.

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“The guys at Control Service Company are there for us any time we need them, no matter the issue. In addition to that, what you see is what you get. Once we sit down and explain our needs, they come up with a tailored solution to meet those needs every time.”

Kevin Countryman, Senior Facility Manager

“By working with Control Service Company, our call-back and service costs have dropped dramatically. We don’t see their team often because we don’t need to. When we do have issues, they don’t remain a problem long with CSC on the job.”

Frank Bartkowski, Chief Engineer

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