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Behind every successful company are lasting partnerships with other great companies. For Burr Computer Environments, Inc. (BCEI), delivering industry-leading solutions related to the planning, design and construction of Information Technology (IT) facilities requires critical front-end analysis, strict oversight, and a team that knows how to deliver on time and on budget. One key aspect of each data center project includes the ability to create temperature consistencies using reliable, accessible control systems. For nearly a decade, BCEI has partnered with Control Service Company to ensure seamless integration of the Automated Logic product into critical environments for Fortune 500 companies and local tech businesses alike.


In June 2005, BCEI and CSC connected on a data center project for one of Kansas City’s largest healthcare innovation companies. With CSC under contract for global controls replacement and BCEI under contract to build an expansion of the existing facility, the two quickly realized that they could combine their knowledge of existing issues and future needs to deliver an exceptional outcome for the client. The two companies began to approach their newfound partnership with a design-build methodology to bring concept to reality much quicker than if they attacked the project on separate terms. Once the first successful project was under their belts, CSC and BCEI began to consult with one another to roll the design-build aspect of controls into various projects initiated by each company.


With thorough upfront planning, consistent follow-up, quick response times and a fallback plan always in place, CSC has become one of BCEI’s most trusted resources for help in delivering exceptional data center facilities that allow clients to minimize risk and meet their operational goals. To date, CSC and BCEI have successfully worked together on more than 20 projects of varying difficulty and complexity, and have delivered on deadlines as tight as a few weeks or as extensive as 20 months. BCEI credits much of the project success to CSC’s comprehensive submittal process, which they have deemed the best they’ve seen across the country. It’s become one they continue to use as a model for other companies on projects outside of CSC’s territory. From developing the engineering concept and gathering pricing to designing each system and installing the controls, CSC provides the kind of service and support BCEI and its clients can count on every time.

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“With the implementation of control systems in critical facilities, there is so much more to consider than just price. Sometimes, we pay more for Control Service Company and the Automated Logic product, but it’s because they are both second-to-none when it comes to reliability. In working with CSC, our clients can be confident the products and processes in place will keep their most precious data and resources protected.”

Tim Frank, Principal & Primary Mechanical Engineer

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