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For a company committed to preserving the private healthcare market and helping organizations increase patient care, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City found itself wanting to improve the comfort of its own facilities. After several unsuccessful years of trying to make the existing HVAC and building control system work, the company issued an RFP to find a smarter solution. Control Service Company came back with a comprehensive response that couldn’t be overlooked. Using Automated Logic technology at the project’s core, Blue KC would be able to ensure a more pleasant, comfortable environment for employees at all levels while benefitting from significant ongoing energy savings.


CSC’s estimator and project manager worked together to prepare a plan that would encompass overhauling the entire HVAC system of both Blue KC’s main corporate building as well as the company’s datacenter. The proposed work would be completed in phases on a three- to five-year timeline. Most importantly, by implementing a comprehensive energy management system, the client would be able to monitor both locations in a more cost-effective, efficient way. CSC’s project manager partnered with Don Layne, Blue KC’s lead operating engineer on the project, to complete an energy analysis on every piece of equipment affected by the system to validate a simple payback in 2.3 to 2.5 years.


After presenting recommendations to Blue KC’s executive team, CSC was given the go-ahead to proceed with the full scope of the project. Work on the datacenter began in August 2012, with the corporate headquarters to immediately follow. Nearing completion of the build, CSC delivered training that would allow the client’s engineers to login, familiarize themselves with how to access critical information, and manage day-to-day interactions seamlessly. This once three- to five-year project was then completed on budget in roughly five months to rave reviews of all involved. The new system allowed the client to give control back to its associates, removing lockbox covers off the temperature controls. Best of all, the client has seen a dramatic 40% savings on its winter energy bills while its employees thrive in an optimal environment.

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“The Control Service Company team was comprised of good, knowledgeable professionals who were always willing and available to make adjustments throughout the life of the project. Not only are they more responsive than our former controls contractor, they have a better understanding of facilities operations in general and how their services impact other aspects of a client’s business. They are always cognizant of finding times to shut our system down to make changes without interrupting workflow and have a way to login remotely so we can problem-solve together.”

Don Layne, Operating Engineer

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